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Thread: Form check with a failed 5th rep at 360 lbs

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    Not to pile on, but also read about the proper selection and use of the belt. Besides the info in the blue book, Rip has an excellent article somewhere on the site, "The belt and the deadlift".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yngvi View Post
    He ignored the posting rules 3 times.
    When he was reminded of the rule (do not post Youtube Shorts), he ignored it or was too stupid to figure out how to post correctly.
    He apparently doesn't understand or hasn't read the material.
    You guys are being way too nice to this imbecile.


    Google "art of manliness how to low bar squat with Mark Rippetoe". That video helped me more than anything. When he says "everything goes back" it all clicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawad View Post
    Hello all,

    If you could please watch the video I uploaded and pinpoint where I went wrong in the form of the squat that would be great. Really appreciate your comments.
    Thank you

    Squat form check- Failed 5th rep at 360 lbs - YouTube
    you're stronger than me so take my comments with a grain of salt.
    On rep 4 you lost your tightness, you can see you starting trying to press the barbell with your arms and your elbows were flailing all over the place - I guess this could mean it is just too heavy for you or the barbell got forward of mid foot (or both?), no harm done we've all been there.

    But I got deja vu and had to cringe on the failed rep and can only hope you didn't break your shit.
    Your safety 'pins' (or the equivalent you are using because you don't have a proper rack) are way too low for you. You are really lucky you didn't get injured on those last 6-12 inches of dropping. The lesson I learned the hard way in 2019 with about 365 lbs. ironically: safety pins should be just below (as close as you possibly can get it) to the bottom of your squat.

    Not sure how much you paid that spotter but you should ask for your money back - actually, from there I don't really know how he can help except maybe to soften your fall if you should happen to fall backwards (in which case he is fucked).

    Your second video looked much better to me, personally, but I am sure the more experienced guys will have some useful tips for you.
    Hang in there! You are quite strong!

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