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    Hey folks. Would appreciate some feedback on my squat, 175lb x 4. I’m increasing the weight very conservatively as I’m still working out my form.

    My form improved markedly once I stopped squatting in front of the mirror and using the mid foot queue, but I’m still figuring the stance & depth & shoulder mobility. I’m wondering if I should go even wider so my torso is more horizontal, although the weight does feel to be over my mid foot. I’ve been struggling to get that positioning right.

    I’m slow to get in position, my first squat starts at 0:36.
    March 30, 2023 - YouTube

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    Beautiful high-bar squat. Not what we coach.

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    So need to get the bar lower on the back? Which will get the torso more horizontal.

    I’ve been struggling to find the proper bar position where it locks in naturally. That felt right, but clearly too high then.

    Watched your video in addition to the book.
    The Squat - Bar Position with Mark Rippetoe - YouTube

    It helped. Will work on proper placement.

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