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Have you tried the unloaded "praying hands" setup for the bottom position? It's the one used in videos and seminars, as described in the Squat section, pp 20-21, Fig 2-13 of the blue book in the printing I have.

To my eye, your depth in this set, while definitely better, looks a tiny bit high at rep 1, and gets slowly lower as you go, so that rep 5 looks right on.
Yes I do use the praying hands setup. Maybe it will help to do it in between sets just as a "reminder" of where to be. I have definitely felt a new soreness in the adductors as they've clearly been used more these last few days than the previous weeks of squats. Good to know rep 5 of this set is what to aim for.

Thanks for the DL cue as well. It's driving me crazy because they are moving pretty fast and then I screwed up rep 5 so bad. Onward.