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Thread: Bar is tilted on my back for squat

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    Default Bar is tilted on my back for squat

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    31 year old male. Iíve gotten back into training after a long hiatus and have noticed the bar tilts on my back downward on my right when Iím in the starting position for the squat. I never noticed this before and have no idea why itís happening. Even when just using the bar, it is at an angle. When I squat it doesnít feel like any one side is favoured. I have re visited the starting strength book and have read the part about experimenting with grip but no matter what I do the bar continues to look tilted. My right elbow also slants along with the weaker side.

    Iím guessing this is potentially related to shoulders? If so are there any ways of fixing such issue. Iím aware there are various posts on this in the past but I couldnít find one that fits exactly my problem. I can get a video upload tomorrow if needed but I wanted to post this now just to see if anyoneís had the same issue before and what they did to resolve it.

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    Iím curious about your bar tilt asymmetry, Jackson. Hopefully you can grab a video from a productive angle for us to watch.

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