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    Hi everyone,

    I have a video of a set of 5 deadlift at 310 lbs. I know that I am doing a lot wrong... Not setting my back, rolling the bar, hips low and breathing at the top...

    Since I have so many form issues, what do you think we be a good weight to lower down to, to work on my form?

    I am trying to go up in weight but I want to maintain decent form and to me I do not think this form is very good. Like a C+ at best.

    I appreciate the thoughts!

    310- Deadlift 1x5 - YouTube

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    Do all of those things that you have already identified for each and every warmup rep. Don't just grip and rip so that you can get to your workset.

    Depending on how you structure your warmup, you'll have 8-10 reps to get it right before your workset. Then do it during your workset. Don't reset your weight to "work on your form," just quit squandering your opportunities to teach your body right during your warmups.

    Yes, there are plenty of issues with your deadlift. You've identified a few. Fix those.

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    Everything you said is wrong is confirmed by the video. Start by keeping your hips high. When you sink your hips your knees move forward and push the bar off midfoot, making the lift harder. If you correct that, everything will be easier (including setting your back) and you do not need to drop weight.

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    You're also kind of hitching - throwing your knees forward under the bar once it passes them. You're not really rebending the knees - at least, not yet - but concentrate less on pulling the bar, and more on pushing down the deck and getting the knees straightened.

    It would no doubt help you to go back to the five-step setup and do it very, very strictly, by the numbers. Maybe even play the audio from a step-by-step video on the method, and let that queue you? Or if you can stand your own voice, you could try recording yourself talking through it, and put that on loop, at least until you've memorized it as a sort of deadlift litany.

    For weight selection - you have the ability and knowledge to film your sets, you see at least some of your errors, and you're able to seek form checks. Find the highest weight that you can do with very good form, and linearly progress that. It should go up steadily at that point.

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