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Thread: How I addressed my LLD

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    Default How I addressed my LLD

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    Although I have certainly had the leg length discrepancy issue for years, it did not bother me until recently. Over the past few months I began to feel off balance. I noticed that my left foot was always slightly forward of my right foot, that my left hip felt higher, that my left leg and the left side of my lower back was consistently more stressed, fatigued, and seemed to be supporting a greater portion of the weight during heavy squats and heavy deadlifts, especially in the lockout position. I got curious and I took some pictures from the rear and noticed that my hips were not level and that my left lower leg appeared to be longer than my right lower leg. I placed a piece of 3/8 inch thick horse stall mat under my right foot and everything appeared to be much more symmetrical. I reset my squat and deadlift weights by 10% and I am LPing them back up. Everything has been working very well so far. The lower back discomfort is gone, everything is much more symmetrical, and the right side of my body is adapting well. I wanted to share this experiment on the forum so that others could see a possible way to solve a problem in their own training or their clients' training.

    No Shim:
    Attachment 8434

    3/8 inch Shim:
    Attachment 8435

    Rear View Squats:
    Note: my stance is a little too wide and my knees are caving in. I need to take a narrower stance and shove my knees out.

    Side View Squats:

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