Squat and Deadlift form check. Squat and Deadlift form check.

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Thread: Squat and Deadlift form check.

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    Default Squat and Deadlift form check.

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    I started SS at 22 August at following weights:
    SQ 65kg ~145 lbs
    DL 85kg ~190 lbs
    I'm 189 cm (6'2) currently 91kg ~201 lbs.

    Yesterday I did following weights:
    Sq 107,5kg ~236 lbs
    SQ 107,5 - YouTube
    DL 135kg ~297lbs
    DL 135 kg - YouTube
    I noticed that my platform where the plates are actually standing when the barbell is loaded is like 5 mm lower than the platform im standing at. Is that a big deal?

    Please tell me what I can do to improve my form.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    This camera angle is kinda fucked up. Looks like your stance is a bit too wide, but the squat is pretty good other wise. The deadlift video is so distorted by the camera angle that it's not really useful.

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