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Thread: Deadlift Sucks

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    390x5 - YouTube : 390x5

    This is unacceptable. 2 things are happening. 1. My cues are "Set Back, Push Floor." When I think "Set Back" its a shorter version of "Chest up and belly between thighs."But my hips drop when doing so, this pushes the bar forward and creates a moment arm. 2. My grip is failing me. I'm using the hook grip and because my thoughts are so focused on the 1st cues that I'm probably not squeezing the bar hard enough between the hook grip to sustain tension.

    This weight isn't heavy but it feels so because I am pulling inefficiently. I still have a lot of progress to make with it and I know I can keep driving this lift through NLP if I fix correct my technique. Any tips? I will deload and focus on form if necessary. I go to SS Orlando and get coaching sometimes, next time I'm there I'll address these issues.

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    The bar looks behind midfoot.

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    In reps 3-5, it looks like you lift your heels slightly when you pull, as if you're on your toes. You might use the "rock back" cue. You also might pull the bar against you more with your lats. I find the groove in a heavy pull is about as narrow as on a heavy press. It feels very different when you're not right in it.

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    It doesn't look bad. It just looks like a heavy deadlift for 5. Get a belt and use chalk.

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