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Thread: Bench press PR...350 lbs at 215 lbs And 47 years old

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    Default Bench press PR...350 lbs at 215 lbs And 47 years old

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    I missed this lift in June, I reset and slowly worked my way back up. I used an anti-skid mat, a belt, and chalk. I had the spotter give me a lift off and made sure he didn't touch the bar after that. The week before I had done 295 for six for the first time ever and thought I was getting pretty close. 350 lb bench press PR at 215 pounds body weight, 47 years old! #benchpress #personalrecord - YouTube

    For several months I would do one heavy day of bench pressing and another day of lighter bench press and arms. I would make sure I could get four or five sets of three before I went up 5 lbs in weight.

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