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Thread: Deadlift Form Check - 1x2 Intensity Day

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    Default Deadlift Form Check - 1x2 Intensity Day

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    Afternoon Team,

    Intensity Day 1x2 DL - YouTube

    My primary focus is always back extension to ensure proper force transfer
    Erectors were unusually sore after the session, looking at the video heels may be a little too wide and toes not pointed out enough
    But your the professionals, looking forward to your feedback

    Kind Regards

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    Don't fidget at the bottom. Stand up completely at the top.

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    You are not locking these out completely. Your hips need to be fully extended and your shoulders pulled back slightly. Are you using a hook grip yet? This has something of the look of a grip failure.

    Your stance and back look fine.

    Don't wait so long between these. The second rep will be easier the closer you can get it to the first.

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