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Thread: Squat Form Check

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    last set, rear view,
    I think your feet are still too wide, come in another 2 -4 inches, heels under your armpits,
    and fight to keep your knees out, over, but not outside of your toes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karagozlu View Post
    Sorry for the late post

    I narrowed my stance and did 127.5 kg for 3 sets of 5.

    I think the hip thing resolved itself.

    First video is 2nd set from rear quarter. Second is last set from behind.

    2 Nisan 2024 - YouTube

    2 Nisan 2024 - YouTube
    Do you have a leg length discrepancy? you look like you have a shorter left leg. Might explain the wiggling of the hips
    Also you could try slightly widening your grip and bringing your elbows down, it might be too narrow which is why your elbows are raised that way and you're jamming your forearms into the bar

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