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    Thank you for the opportunity to seek help. Iím a 5í10Ē, 200lbs, 42 year old. Iíve been lifting for 10 years, but just started the Starting Strength method about 6 months ago. Prior to that, I was using machines and doing 20 rep squat sets with 135 lbs and terrible form. Iíve had to break some atrocious habits and still have a lot of work to do. What should be my next area of focus?

    Iíll post links to my volume day and my intensity day. No need to watch them allÖ posting just in case.

    Volume day 275lbsx5x5
    Set 1 - 4-7-24 Set 1 - 275lbs - YouTube

    Set 3 - 4-7-24 Set 3 - 275lbs - YouTube

    Set 5 - 4-7-24 Set 5 - 275lbs - YouTube

    Intensity Day 305lbsx1x5
    4-11-24 Intensity day 1x5 305lbs - YouTube

    Thank you so much! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You need to break at the hips and the knees at the same time.

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    Something I see in all of them is that it looks like you haven't broken the insidious high bar squat habit yet. You're breaking at the knees first, dropping down some, and then pushing the hips back, instead of breaking at both to start the movement and bending forward at the hips from the start.

    You're also looking up into the mirror, especially on the way up. This lifts the chest and kills hip drive. Push the hips back from the beginning, and get your gaze fixed down, and that should help - grinning back at your middle kettlebell would be about right.

    The mirror is worse than useless here - you might be surprised how much covering it up will help.

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    Thank you both. I see what you are saying and tomorrow Iíll work on breaking at the hips and knees simultaneously. I appreciate the feedback!

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