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Thread: Deadlift Form Check

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    Default Deadlift Form Check

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    Hello, hoping to get some feedback on the deadlift as I get deeper into the NLP. Haven't had another pair of eyes on it before, so eager for some tips for improvement.

    Deadlift 430lbs

    Thank you for you time, everyone

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    looking at your belt, at the back, this is what I see:

    You set.
    You start to pull.
    The part of your back under the belt moves a little, and towards the end of the sets starts to round a bit.
    The the bar finally moves.

    I would suggest the following:

    - Set the back properly (maybe take knees just slightly further out to make space for your belly when you set the back). A possible cue is to think about arching the top part of your back, this should set the lower part 'for free' (ymmv).

    - Take the slack out of the bar before starting to pull. The aim is that once you start pulling, the bar moves, without any other changes in your setup.

    Hope this helps,


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    I'm not sure if it's just the camera angle, but your right arm appears to be slightly bent.

    Also, I personally find holding the Valsalva with mouth open to be much more comfortable.

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    Awesome, thank you! I like the cue with the upper back

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