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Thread: Press Form Check

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    Default Press Form Check

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    These are pretty decent. A couple of things I notice:

    You're rebounding out of the top, and it looks like you're not quite hitting full extension. Lock it out for a solid count each time, and try to shrug HARD at the top, as if you're trying to get the bar even higher. Like you're trying to cover your ears with your biceps...

    The rhythm of your hip bounce looks pretty good, but keep your shoulders from going rearward. Point your crotch at the ceiling, not your pecs.

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    1 - unrack the bar with both feet underneath, roughly your squat stance
    2 - breathe only at the bottom
    3 - you aren't getting a great hip reach partly because your hips are sagged forward in the start position. Stand up straight so your hips have room to move forward. Then concentrate on getting a bigger, more aggressive hip reach

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