I just wanted to say thanks! I started lifting in January of 2011 and have been going strong for 2 years now. A big part of that success was this community/forum. I hadn't lifted for years (since the late 1990's), and when I did, I would just quit after a couple of sessions. helped keep me on track for the last 2 years, and I am still going strong.

Age- 34
Height- 6'6"
Current weight- 360lbs

Starting lifts (January 2011)
Squat: 205
Bench: 225 (my max back in the 90's was 285, so I must have kept some of that)
DL: 265
OHP: 105

Current lifts ( 2 years later)
Squat: 605 (was real fast, have a meet on the 16th to test my real max)
Bench: 455 (attempting 465 tonight)
DL: 652.5 (same as squat)
OHP: 315 (still using older press method)

I am shooting for an 1800+ raw total by the end of this year.

I highly recommend this forum and your books to every I talk to. I own SS, PPST2, and the DVD.

Thanks again,

Lester Hahn