Saved my back tonight, thank you. Saved my back tonight, thank you.

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Thread: Saved my back tonight, thank you.

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    Default Saved my back tonight, thank you.

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    I have never been more grateful than I was tonight that I've started getting strong. I had a 300 lb stroke patient who lost her strength while using her front wheel walker, and I got behind her and basically squatted and lowered her to the floor, then lifted her onto a hoyer lift to get her back to bed. I've had other heavy patients over the past six months (since I started your program), but last night was a real test. I know if this had happened six months ago I'd have been flattened, and would be in employee health right now talking about fmla. Who knows what would have happened to my patient? I'm sure a serious fall with resulting injuries would have occurred. I credit it all to Starting Strength. And honestly? I didn't know I had that much in me. I'm a tiny bit sore, like after a good workout but nothing like I used to get after a simple reposition of a heavy patient.

    I started this whole journey because I was tired of straining my back moving patients around, and last night even my coworkers commented on my strength. A serious, serious thank you for putting some good information out there. Thank you.

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    Great to hear this. Did the other staff happen to notice?

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