A BIG Thank-you! Qualified for WDFPF Worlds. A BIG Thank-you! Qualified for WDFPF Worlds.

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Thread: A BIG Thank-you! Qualified for WDFPF Worlds.

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    Default A BIG Thank-you! Qualified for WDFPF Worlds.

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    I have to give complete deference to you and this forum. Through this forum, I have got back into my strength training, worked through long term back injuries from military parachuting and felt the mojo come back to life. Got fitter, took years off me as I was turning into the blob. I had an all round lifestyle improvement. The swagger of past a year had returned.

    During this epic journey the old flames of competition was rekindled. Started last June / July to train for the German Drug Free Masters that was planned for May this year (GDFPF). They brought this forward to March 31st. Also, during last fall, it crept into my mind was to make the grade for the worlds. Think big, aim high.

    December my hamsting went (due to old back injury), Feb my back started up again, really hitting my training, had to bring my squat stance in, now had problems hitting depth and hip drive were now out of the window. But I could keep training. Brought the stance back out, a week from the meet.

    I was in December around 92-93kg. Jordan put me on the path for diet in Feb, then a week out I was still at 86kg for the 82.5kg class. Jordan came again to the rescue on advice to make the cut. Followed his advice to the letter, no cheating.

    Stood on the scales at 82.4kg. Made the cut! Got the Masters 1 GDFPF class (beat the seniors as well) but also done enough to qualify for the Worlds in November. Back into your PPST2 this week to review my training.

    Hope your can share the two photos of my last Deadlift, only 205kg. The grind started at about 2 inches off the floor, hamstring and back was giving serious, serious pain. But I kept it going up, was so psyched up that refused to let it stop till the lock out. The guy taking the photo said it went up so slow he could take another shot.

    I have a lot of work to do from now till November, no illusions on my part. Need to re-set my squat. Start to build some serious serious strength. My diet is on the path to redemption.

    If anyone doubts you or this forum. Kindly send them my way. From joining this forum, to worlds is 2 years of training. To me that just about seals the value you bring.



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    Great job. I'm posting this to the other forum. Continue to stomp asses.

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