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Thread: Rip/SS saved my life

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    Default Rip/SS saved my life

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    I owe Rip and the community here my thanks. I started SS in summer 2011 and kept it up to January 2012, posting some video and reading lots of good stuff here.

    BW 195/205, 47yo
    Squat 105/255
    Bench 95/225
    Dead 125/320
    Press 85/135
    PC 90/155

    On Saturday the 14th, on my way home to lift, I was making a blind left (on a green light - long story, but there's video) and was t-boned by a car going 50MPH. I don't remember anything for days after that, but I'm told it took them 30 minutes to cut me out of the car and lots of drugs. I had a smashed leg and pelvis and lots of bleeding in and out, but the EMTs, ER docs and lots of other medical staff got me straightened out and I'm finally back doing all the lifts (a couple later surgeries interrupted the lifting I was able to do). I have scars, bone hardware and some nerve damage, but I think I fared better (no real ongoing pain) than Brian Broke Legs, who has been inspiring for me.

    I can't tell you how many of the trauma team said that I wouldn't have survived if I wasn't "big and strong". "Harder to kill" is the truth.

    I was back working some in 6 weeks and full time by 6 months. My experience sold a few copies of SS3 and at least one Acura.

    I was stuck doing bench (247.5), seated press (135) and chin/pull ups (and a few curls and rows) for a year - first transferring from a wheelchair and then off crutches/cane until a bone graft on my leg successfully fixed what a year with a rod and screws didn't. In PT, I did some bosu ball squats with Jane Fonda dumbells and ignored them when the said I shouldn't squat so deep.

    So I've thanked the doctors, the EMTs and the engineers at Acura. I didn't want to post anything here until I was back on the program and here I am. My goal is a PL total of 1000 when I'm 50 (which gives me a year or two).

    Thank you.

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    Glad we could help. Congratulate you car salesman for us.

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    Keep at it. Every day. You will succeed.

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