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    The last 18 months have been an education, physically and mentally. The site is a tremendous resource. This is no Brian Jones story (what is?), but I guess this is the sort of stuff that the vast majority of us can do with a bit of effort. I've fucked up many times, but the book and this site has pointed the way when I've took the time to look.

    Images normally speak louder than words.

    This first photo is me at 6'3 and 175lbs. I chose this photo as I look especially emaciated, and one can see that I don't exactly have the genetics for being big and strong.

    skinny bastard.jpg

    18 months later, 250lbs with a 500lb barbell in my hands (in a shitty Virgin Active in London, but that's another story)

    just a bastard.jpg

    Other lifts? 410lb squat, 250lb bench and a 176lb press. The fact that I can press the old me makes me chuckle. They aren't big numbers (bench and press especially) but they're going up. Which is the point.

    I'm not strong yet, but it'll come.

    I'm in your debt, Rip. You and your contributors/colleagues do great work.

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    Awesome result.

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    Wow. You look like a new person. Good work!

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    Love it - incredible progress.

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    That's awesome progress. This is an impressive transformation to me because I was 6'4" 185 when I started (I looked approximately like your before photo). This is a wake up call to the average skinny guy to man up and put in the hard work. Especially myself. Keep on going.

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