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    A personal thank you for Starting Strength, this forum and all the SS coaches and staff. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a "degenerative back disease". Needless to say herniated disks of the lower back. One of the options was to "go on disability" along with "PT". I fell into a depression. Didn't last long. Got tired of being a pussy so I began reading SS and viewing the DVD. I learn the low bar, hip drive squat. I learn how to set up for the deadlift according to SS. My numbers started rising again. Taking easy with my back I did a deadlift only meet. Did 420, but something was off. Sure enough I was diagnose with arthritis in the right elbow. Change my grip to the hook, deloaded next meet was 375 with the hook. Finally yesterday, 405 squat and 425 hook deadlift. Not world class by any means but after a car accident, a herniated back, separated shoulder, a little arthritis I'll take it at my age (44)

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    Old Guys Rule!

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    Congrats!! Nicely done!

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    Sweet. We got crappy backs, shitty legs, fucked up shoulders, blown out knees. . .yet still we lift. WE GOT BALLS!! Helluva job, friend!

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