I attended the St. Louis Starting Strength Seminar Level I on Nov. 23rd & 24th, 2013, with coaches Jordan Feigenbaum and Karl Schudt. I thought the seminar was terrific.

I was taught not only how to fix problem lifts (Squat & Deadlift) but also given tips to improve lifts I thought I had down (Press & Bench). In addition Jordan recognized at the very start of the Power Clean teaching progression that I would have problems "racking" the bar, so immediately transitioned to teaching me the Power Snatch and ultimately the Split Snatch. I was surprised that adjustments to the curriculum like that could be made so quickly and well without altering the schedule for the other attendees, not to mention for just a single individual out of several. I'm happy to finally be able to incorporate a correctly executed power movement back into my training efforts. The seminar was the first time I had attempted any variant of the Snatch and I would not have been able to learn it without good coaching.

Also, although the Bench was one of the better lifts for me prior to the seminar, Karl pointed out some important tips to help improve that, and already I can tell that those tips will lead to a safer and more productive way to perform the lift going forward.

Jordan and Karl were great coaches and the teaching methods for both the lecture and platform were awesome as well. I thought the Level I Seminar was well worth my time.