I was 'one of those guys': my martial arts instructor (kung fu obviously) had me squatting on a swiss ball with a broom stick before I even saw a barbell. Single legged this, dura disc that, completely-changed-dumbell-and-bosu-ball-program-every-6-weeks, Paul Chek etc etc. Then I herniated a disc doing fucking yoga! The whole time never believing I could be strong because I wasn't getting stronger.

By the time I found SS I was 37 and could only squat 60kg. Enter linear progression and delicious servings of full cream and my lifts are all in the intermediate strength standard range now. My goal is to get to advanced standard by the end of 2014 and for the first time in my life I realise, this is actually attainable. Seems like I didn't find the right info too late, I'm adding weight to the bar and putting on muscle. Thanks for liberating me from the stupid information that was keeping me weak and FUCK YOGA, SWISS BALL, BOSU, DUMBELLS, UNILATERAL, CORE, CONDITIONING/CARDIO and all that shit.