Over the course of Christmas, I (43) got a call from my 71 year old uncle to help move a wood stove out of his basement. So I get over to his house and see it's going to be his son and his son in law helping me.

There's a lot of hemming and hawing on how to get it out of the basement. If this were the movies or if I was really strong, I'd have just picked it up and carried it out. Since it's not, I told my cousin (10 years younger than me) and the son-in-law (5 years younger than me) to get on one side and I'll pick up the other. No more discussion after that - they got on the upstairs portion and lifted while I was on the downstairs side. It quickly became apparent this was a prudent choice as I ended up carrying most of the weight out.

We got it up and out onto the back porch, they being the limiting factor on our speed. After completion of the task, they both asked what I was doing as they were out of breath and looked visibly spent while I was ready for more. I told them about your program, books and this website. So hopefully, a couple of more nutswingers for you!

Take Care,
Mike McClain