Skating Stronger! A Skinny College Kid's Testimonial Skating Stronger! A Skinny College Kid's Testimonial

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    First of all, I want to throw out the disclaimer that I am actually a softie and this review might contain some less-than-manly existential bullshit about how Starting Strength changed my life because well, it did. Really, lifting changed my life for the better.

    I started at 6'0 127lbs., weak and lacking confidence. My primary goal was to simply get bigger and stronger. After meeting my coach, Nicholas Racculia, I also learned that strength training would greatly improve my passions, snowboarding, biking, and skating among other things. I was immediately hooked on this idea and the potential that I had.

    I should also throw out the disclaimer that I didn't quiiiiiite follow the program as prescribed (I think milk is gross and did not drink my young-mammilian requirement of a gallon a day). Nonetheless, I pushed myself, and went from squatting a meager 75lbs. to 225 by the end of my 2 month run. TWO TWENTY FIVE. Sure, it's not great by powerlifter standards, but as a still-fairly skinny (but much stronger) individual, that progress makes me pretty damn proud. (Other lifts: DL 215, Bench 110, Press 80)

    The benefits have been incredible. Never would I have thought that SNOWBOARDING of all things could get so much better after some squats. I ride with more power, more control, and more confidence that any season before I started lifting. My body has become much more resistant to the inevitable slams that come with serious park riding. It's amazing that this sort of training has allowed me to greater enjoy the activities that I love.

    In general, lifting has brought other benefits. I've learned a lot about how to take care of my self. I've enjoyed learning the science of training, and now find myself spending hours buried in books and on the internet reading about fitness and explaining ideas to other people. It's a cool feeling. Progress, read, teach, progress some more.

    As I've discussed with some other forum members, I'm currently taking a break from the linear progression to enjoy the short PA ski season, but I'm certainly not done training. Where to from here? Who knows. There's a lot of training and a lot of learning to be done. More snowboarding, more lifting of all kinds. Starting Strength really is the best place to start.

    Thanks Rip, thanks Coach Racculia (Master of Squats). Your mentoring has made me a better, stronger person.

    Squats for Shreds, yo.

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    Welcome aboard man. This is a great stop on the road of life. Nice to have you along. Congrats on some serious improvement. Rip made my life better too.

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    Thank you Josh, but really, it was all you and Starting Strength. Now let's get that squat to 315!

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