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    Our 16 year old son began his sophomore year in high school this past fall at 5'11" and 155 lbs. We began the SS program and didn't miss a workout until mid November when he got sick with a cold. By that time, he weighed 182 lbs and his squat work sets had progressed from 120 lbs in August to 260 lbs in November.

    He had his first intra squad baseball game last week and pitched very well with the most noticeable improvement in his strike zone control. I believe this results from the stability made possible from his much stronger "undercarriage" which allowed each pitch to be consistently delivered in good form. He also swings the bat with more authority which not only results in hitting the ball harder as we would expect but also better bat control which helps him hit the ball more solidly.

    Now, the challenge will be finding the time to integrate strength training workouts into the spring baseball schedule.

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    Thus, strength contributes to accuracy.


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