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    Just wanted to share a success story with the forum. You certified me to coach last April & shortly thereafter I fully converted strength training for my clients to the SS model. Around this time, I started working with a female client named Lakshmi Meadows. Well, short story, she competed in her first meet this past weekend & totaled 931 (363/164/404) raw. This puts her at 13th in the nation in her weight class (per

    Also of note, her bench was seriously compromised by an AC joint injury. I think 1050-1100 is entirely realistic in the coming year.

    Her first workout with me:
    Squat: 135x5x3
    BP: 75x5x3
    DL: 185x5

    Pretty good progress in 11 months.

    Your methodology has been absolutely invaluable to me as coach.

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    Good coaches like you are absolutely invaluable to our organization, and more importantly, to the people you train and their friends. Excellent job, John.

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    Rip, following SS and training under the guidance of John Hanley has been my game changer. My husband now has a wife that's not a Bat Shit Crazy Control Freakmy son (who's 8 and built like a linebacker) is learning to embrace his size and strength and I am finally coming to accept and love myself and my genetic predisposition to be strong.
    Thank You

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