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    Hey Rip - I realise you're very busy and obviously get lots of correspondence and feedback, but I just want to take 2 mins of your time to tell you how much you've impacted me. I recently turned 50 and live in Australia. I've been lifting (well, what I called lifting) for well over 30yrs now. I've always been strong in the bench press and other 'upper body' exercises, and my leg routines consisted of leg press, leg extension etc.

    I hadn't squatted or deadlifted for the past 25yrs because I believed it would destroy my back and knees, and that they weren't necessary exercises. Late last year I read Starting Strength (3rd) and it has completely transformed my training, and in turn my life. My workouts now revolve around squatting, DL's, standing press and of course bench press. I absolutely love these exercises and guess what - following your advice to the letter, they haven't hurt my back or knees - to the contrary!

    Learning to squat and DL at age 50 isn't easy, but the impact doing these exercises properly has on my life is worth every bit of the effort and soreness! I still pick up Starting Strength and randomly read a few pages as a refresher on a weekly basis (the only down side is that I now get very frustrated watching the guys grunting their heads off while doing half rep 'squats' in the Smith Machine) - thanks again for writing what has become the 'bible' of my bookshelf - I have absolutely no qualms in stating that this book is an absolute must for anybody even half serious about their training!

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    Congrats on the progress Scotty!

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