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    Just wanted to share my story;

    I'm 50 years old, (6'1" 180lbs) and have "exercised" on and off for most of my life.

    I always kept a barbell set (110 lb standard 1" bar). I also have a collection of dumbells 5-50lbs.

    I had a Gold's Gym bench with many attachments for leg curl, preacher, lat pulldown, incline/decline etc.

    When I learned weightlifting ages ago, I was taught 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps..

    My maximum work loads looked something like this;

    bent over tricep extension
    curls (35lb dumbells)
    shoulder press (35lb dumbells)
    row (40lb dumbells)
    bench press (90lbs barbell)
    squat 100lbs (barbell)
    deadlift rarely done, max 120lbs and feeling scared of using such a "heavy" weight, hah!

    I never did actual training to nudge those numbers up.

    I got bored of my old bench bought an Olympic barbell set, power rack, and flat bench on Craigslist.

    It came with a book by Mark Rippetoe. SS:BBT3. Never heard of it. I read the whole thing, I now have PPST3, and the video too.

    I'm only in the 6th week on SS novice program and my latest numbers are;

    Squat 180lbs
    Bench 135lbs
    Press 95lbs
    Deadlift 240lbs

    Increases are mostly linear except for the overhead press, which I had to redo the same weights a couple of times, and also when my left knee was bothering me in the squat. Slight change in stance helped that.

    On the set of 5 deadlifts I stand up between reps and breathe, maybe half a minute or more, due to really feeling it, but I'm getting them done.

    And the odd thing is, I thought I had a bad back, one which would painfully "goes out" once every year or two. It feels fine now, even under these formerly scary loads.

    Apologies for the long autobiography, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU RIP!!

    Why the Hell didn't I find this damn book sooner!!
    Should be required reading for every High Schooler.

    What a great feeling when I complete a new PR!
    I'm shocked how easy it's been.

    Anyhow, thanks again Rip!
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    Well done mate - I'm 50yrs old and outlined my very similar life story on here last week - I can't believe I've spent much of the past 30yrs training fairly hard (or so I thought) but being scared of the deadlift and squat - they're now my favourite exercises and I actually look forward to the SQ and DL training days - all because of what I read in Starting Strength!

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    Right on!
    Better late than never.
    I love squats and deads now too!
    Helps that I have a power rack instead of awkwardly lifting it forwards off my press bench.
    I used to exhaust myself with full body or split routines.
    This is actually easier, and fun watching the poundages go up.
    I'm recommending the book to anyone who'll listen.

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