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    Default London, UK based coach recommendation - Carl Raghavan

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    Cheers to Carl Raghavan at CrossFit Evolving, London!

    Iím putting this up as weíve got a shortage of coaches in the UK that know Starting Strength, but Iíve had a few sessions with Carl and he knows his stuff! Hopefully if people are searching for a London coach, they will find this.


    Iíve been struggling with my squat since discovering Starting Strength, but Carl fixed it in a single session. Have had a few more sessions with him since, and will keep doing so to improve my technique for all lifts.

    18 months ago, I was new to lifting and tall / weak / inflexible. I read the book and watched the videos, but I donít think I had enough relevant experience / understanding for it all to fully click. My other lifts were passable, but my squat sucked! I couldnít find a UK based Starting Strength coach, so got a non-Starting-Strength personal trainer to help but they still couldnít fix it.

    I read somewhere that Rip said that there are only a couple of people he couldnít teach to squat in a single session, so I wondered what the hell he was doing differently!

    I was about to post some videos here, but Carl was recommended in a couple of threads here so I got in touch with him.

    He was able to tell me *exactly* what to do to make it work using the Starting Strength method, and now Iím confident in my squat I can begin Starting Strength properly.

    So thanks to Carl and also to Rip for the whole thing.

    If youíre looking for a London based coach, I recommend you see him.

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    Carl is a good dude and a very able coach. He attended the same seminar I did. For you English folk who need some coaching with the SS model, he's very solid.

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    Having just gotten back from the Brooklyn seminar, I'll tell you that Carl is a much better coach now than when he went through the first time. Good eye, good feedback. I suspect he'll soon have a new credential.

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