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    Default The Circle of Deadlift Life . . . .Hakuna Matata . .

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    Jackson, my eight year, has been at me for over a year to let him train. During that time I have been working with him to be able to tighten his lumbar - -on purpose. To vasalva - on purpose. True - -some of the cues we have had to adapt- -for whatever reason I had to add - "Crunch your butthole" in order for him to get his abs to really tighten.

    Anyways - today was his first day with Daddy's bar. I filmed for me & him. For posterity and to show him what he did well and where we will continue to work.

    In watching the video the irony did not escape me when I realized he was using the same wooden "45s" that I used two years ago when I started and couldn't pull much more. Wonder where those wheels will take him?

    Jackson - New Pr - 85lb DL @ 8 years old and 90lb body weight

    And it continues . . . .

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    Wow, nearly a bodyweight deadlift. Now, if only I can help my 26 year old wife work up to that...

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    Well done man! Needs a like button or plus +1 button

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    I really love all these family threads. I am a young newly-wed looking at starting a family with my wife, and a big part of why I train is to be as strong as my dad was when I was a kid.

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