I purchased some sessions with SS Coach Nick Soleyn for my mom and dad who are just a few weeks away from being 66 and 70 respectively. I still haven't personally met Nick (couple hundred miles away) but after reading some of his contributions to the site and corresponding via email, I knew he was the right guy for the job.Received the below email from my dad this morning. Grateful for both the program and quality coaches.

"Just thought I would say how much we are enjoying the weight program. I never thought I would see your mother lifting, but she really likes it. I am glad to be lifting again after many years of no regular lifting. I can already tell a significant difference. We were working out every other day last week, so we had to skip an extra day before we lifted again. Both of us were wishing we could go ahead and work out, but we waited. We need to get some better equipment so we can do more. I am limited on squats, because I cannot get too much weight on my shoulders with lifting from floor. But, I still can see a difference in my legs. Your mother is DL 80+ lbs!"

Just purchased a new rack for them as a mother's / father's day gift... here come the squats.