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    This could get rambly, as Iím working to fine-tune the ibuprofen/sour mash ratio for best efficacy.

    So after training kind of directionlessly for somewhere between six months and three years (hard to pick the date that it really began), I decided it was time to seek professional help. As far as I can tell, south central Kansas is not the center of the lifting universe. There are some PFs and GloboGym-type places, but Iíve worked hard enough to teach myself low-bar that Iím not going to listen to a fitness-and-contract consultant tell me to chuck it all and hit the Nautiluses.

    I found Strong Gym and Matt Reynolds here under the Resources tab and shot an email to Matt axing if he would be interested in coaching a middle aged guy (if I live to 96). Specifically, I wanted some squat form feedback and some programming advice. Matt replied minutes later and we set up an appointment for this weekend.

    The coaching session exceeded all of my expectations. Matt gave me specific critiques of my squat and deadlift form, made specific gear recommendations, looked at the program Iíve been using and made specific (see a trend here?) adjustments to it. Other points: I didnít feel rushed in the slightest, Strong Gym is spotless, and today was the last day t-shirts were on sale. Totally worth the 4.5 hour drive, and I expect to do it again whenever I feel the need for a course correction.

    Highest recommendation.

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    I totally agree with you on the Strong Gym and Matt Reynolds recommendation!!! Myself (43) and my 15 year old son drove about 7 1/2 hours from Iowa in the middle of March this year to get coaching from Matt. Matt truly exceeded my expectations and then some.

    Matt is very professional, down to earth person and was able to find things that we needed to work on for all of our lifts. I also agree with I didn't feel rushed in any way. Matt was willing to answer all of our questions and made sure that we understood why we needed to do something a certain way.

    The Strong Gym is nothing short of outstanding! 1st class facility, spotless and has everything that a lifter could need!

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    He was boss of the programming section while andy baker was of writing pp3. It didnt take me long to see he knew his stuff without flaw.

    Would be great to see him here again.

    One of them should startup a swedish branch...home of eleiko!

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