45 y/o - Started lifting when I was 42.
185 lbs

Deadlift: 325x1
Squat: 280x1
Bench: 220x1 (slow, everything I've got but I did it)
Press: 155x1

I'm 45 y/o and starting lifting weights and doing cardio about 3 years ago after a friend had a heart attack. My moronic approach to strength training only became clear to me after reading starting strength.

From Moronic to Plausible

I was pretty much dicking around until I started and Eric Creasey Program. I did this for about 6 months but did not like switching exercises and there was no real guidance on loading and I did not feel like I was improving adequately. That said, I credit that program with setting me down a more serious path so thanks Eric.

Starting Strength:

The absolute best thing about SS for me is the meticulous description of how to do each lift. It helped me (eventually) do the lifts themselves correctly and also helps identify if a trainer has a clue as what they are doing ("put your feet up on the bench when you do your bench press" , uh no thanks buddy).

The squat FIXED MY KNEES! Let me say that again, FIXED MY KNEES! I started off with only the bar and that was a struggle! Now I am doing 230x5x5.

So Thanks Rip, I will be posting some programming questions soon, sure you are waiting on the edge of your seat.