Wanted to get a thank you and positive review out here about the NJ Pulling Camp I attended today with Dr. Petrizzo & Mr. D'Agostino.

The facility was great, they were super friendly and approachable dudebros, and I learned a ton. They gave us the lecture portion (nothing revolutionary to anyone who's read the book, but that was to be expected in a half-day seminar) and took us in 2 groups to deadlift, then another short lecture, then split us back up for power cleans.

Completely worth the cost and time. Anybody who is considering spending time with either of these coaches in a group or individual format should really go for it.

Thanks, gentlemen. It was fun and super educational. I learned a lot about both lifting and coaching from both of you. Hope you do some more camps in a drivable radius from me. I will definitely attend if you do.