Hallo, Mr. Rippetoe!

I have scoliosis in my upper back which lead to pain in my neck and left shoulder. A friend of mine recommended kettlebells to help with my problems and after a bit over a year of mindlessly grinding I not only had a lot more pain, but also periodically lost feeling and strength both in my left arm and hand.

My first PT was a great find and actually recommended that I start lifting in addition to my physical therapy. She recommended squats(!) and barbell rows and because she did no lifting herself she told me that another client of hers really liked your book Starting Strength.

Fast forward a couple of months and she cleared me for pressing. At first I struggled a lot but once I got the hand position right and learned how to properly lock the bar overhead things started to look good. The first couple of workouts I had a bit of muscular discomfort which freaked me out a bit, but soon my shoulder started to feel a lot better.

It has been 4 weeks since I last felt any pain and I want to thank you and everone else who was involved in creating this great book.