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    I'm not certain but there is a good chance we have more people on a Starting Strength novice or intermediate program than any other gym in the country. We've been doing this for 5 years or so. We have a shit load of people who are strong and more sucess stories than I can remember.

    I walked into the gym tonight and watched a 14 year old girl (just turned 14) squat 205 for a set of 5, easily. She PC 105 and benches 100 for 5. Next to her was a 17 year old girl squatting 240 for 2 sets of 3.

    The funny thing about this is it doesn't get much reaction at the gym. People may pause, watch their set then carry on. It's expected at this point. Completely normal. A young girl two racks down was front squatting 240 for 5 at 170 pounds body weight.

    The gym was filled with probably 50 people at 4:30 in the afternoon, all squatting, pressing and pulling. I don't have much time to get away from the gym but I suspect this is pretty unique.
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