Dear Sir,

I have recently completed your program Starting Strength and used the information in there, along with you article A Clarification. I have now finished it and exhausted my novice gains. I ran some numbers the other day. Here is my progress from January:

Bodyweight 314.5 to 311.5 lbs
Bodyfat 42.3 to 32.1, loss of 28.7 percent of it, down 9.2 percent total.

I gained 27lbs of muscle and lost 33lbs of fat.

The important bits:

405/285/195/420. All numbers in lbs.

In short, thank you. Your program, wiki, and articles have completely shifted my athletic paradigm. I am rehabbing from a number of injuries and some mental health problems. The Iron has turned out to be one of my best friends through it all. You have changed my life for the better and made me significantly stronger.

Kindest regards,