Anecdotal evidence that some strength works Anecdotal evidence that some strength works

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Thread: Anecdotal evidence that some strength works

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    I've been a decent athlete since I can remember; always loving sports. A few a years ago I got into to strength training. I read Starting Strength and "followed" the program. Got my deadlift to 365, my squat to 315, my bench to 220 and my press to 150 @ 200 lbs standing 5'10". Not great, and I didn't really look all that muscular. I thought to myself "screw this", and started drinking beer and generally screwing off. Late last year I joined a flag football league and gathered a team. After many months of not working out I was terribly out of shape and getting very winded during our preseason practices. I continued drinking beer and generally screwing off, afterall it was just flag football. As the season started I soon realized I was in over my head. Our opponents were in great shape, some college athletes and most former high school athletes at least. I was intimidated. I definitely did not have the wind to compete with most of these guys.

    BUT, face to face with many of these "muscled up" gym rats, I won. I forced guys out of bounds, I muscled guys down, I pushed 250+lb men around at the line of scrimmage, I wrestled in passes way down field. In short bursts I outran many people. I manhandled men 6 inches taller and much heavier than me.

    I may sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but who am I kidding? It was FLAG FOOTBALL. My only point is that STRENGTH WINS. I see posts time and time again asking "what about this or what about that?". Once you get strong enough to ask those questions, come back.

    And I've never even been strong.

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    Hey, just read this story.

    It's never too late to go back to the weights. I've rejoined the rugby club, and used my competitiveness and desire to win to motivate my training, even though it's only a local men's league. Going from 185 squat to 315 squat completely changed the way I play sports, it's fun. Good job and good luck

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