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    Your marvelous book finally arrived and my sleep has been suffering as I can't put it down. Superb, just superb.

    After reading the section on the press technique, I went back to basics and started again, from the grip, right to the pushing the hip forwards and aiming for my nose on the way up - guess what - instant PB at a weight I'd failed at 3 previous work outs and was about to deload.

    Then the dead lift - the biggest thing I learned was keeping the bar still and only bending the knees until the shins touched - retract the scapula, chest up (not ass down) deep breath and guess what - PB and no lower back pain.

    Awesome, just awesome.

    As soon as this silly groin/hip flexor strain/pain is healed, I shall be starting again on the squat - low bar this time as I can now see all the places I was going wrong - high bar position, low bar angles, off balance etc, etc.

    All I can say is thank you and that I'll try my very best to do the program justice.

    Enlightened, UK

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    Just got a PB on my bench too!


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