So I should start out by saying I am not the sharpest nife in the drawer. I have had SS since it's first edition and never done the linner progression. In another life I was a pro kickboxer, and MMA fighter so nothing made for a beginner would I have any use for. Fast foward 5 years since my last fight a wife a child and a 60+ hour a week training business and I was 275 with 2 bulged discs, a torn acl, and host of other injurys from what I call technique swapping(my squat was alittle of SS, WSB, combined with StrongFirst technique ques) and a inability to admit I was a beginner again and needed to start over so I was always lifting weight and doing programs I had no business doing. Funny thing was I used almost exclusively the teaching method in SS for client cause it worked so well, but again they were beginner I was above them. So June of this year I started at 275 bw, and a 155 BS any more and I could not hold my lumbar extension. I made the commitment to follow the program as written and use exclusivly the teaching ques found in the book. I just yesterday squated 320 for all 3 sets of 5 weight 260 and look and feel drastically different. All my client are happy to finally see me put my health and fitness as a priority again and comment all the time how much different I look. The thing that means the most to me is that feeling of being a athlete again. Not making excuses hitting the weight programmed for the day and doing he homework eating enough quality callories and getting enough rest to enable the progress to happen. I can not thank you enough!!!! As soon as you bring the level 2 to Washington, Oregon, or northern Cali. I will thank you in person!!! I know this is not a question just wanted to share! Thanks again!!!