I heart Andy Baker...review of what his online consult did for me. Andy Baker review. I heart Andy Baker...review of what his online consult did for me. Andy Baker review.

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Thread: I heart Andy Baker...review of what his online consult did for me. Andy Baker review.

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    Default I heart Andy Baker...review of what his online consult did for me. Andy Baker review.

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    Andy Baker program review.

    Yes I put that in the title and again above so it comes up easier when someone searches for "Andy Baker program reviews".

    A little history here.

    I have always been pretty athletic, as far as coordination goes. Never strong or explosive, I did somehow manage to pitch at the collegiate level. I was left handed, so I was the "affirmative action" or "token" lefty if you will. I was what I have some to call the "ten-nine" pitcher, meaning that if we were up or down by ten runs in the 9th inning, that is when I would get the nod to pitch.

    Fast forward to a couple years ago when I was 38 years old. I had become skinny fat. No muscle. Little belly and love handles. The worst look in the world for a man as far as I am concerned. Its ok to have a belly if you have some mass, which I did not have.

    At this point I had suffered with lower back pain off and on for I would say 15 years. My back never felt good, and every once in a while it would completely spaz out and I would be in a lot of pain for several days until it calmed down.

    I had "worked out" off and on for years, yet for some reason unknown to me at the time I never made any progress. (I sure know why now).

    I would "hit it hard" for 6 weeks or so, make some progress, then all of a sudden, magically, I would cease making progress. It would seem that going to the gym on random days, and doing random machines, with random weights, was not very effective. So I would quit going for several months. Why bother to take the time to train if you're not making progress?

    I am almost 41, and at the age of 38 I discovered SS and barbell training. I was terrified of trying to squat, I thought for sure it would destroy my already hurting back.

    I could not have been more wrong. Within a short amount of time, my nagging lower back pain was gone, 100% gone. Since I have been on the program, it has never returned. Come to find out my back/stomach and the muscles that support my spine were just weak.

    After some great novice gains, I started to plateau. I went on for about a year or so before I really realized I wasn't making any progress at all with my lifts, as far as adding weight to the bar.

    When I wasn't making progress, the motivation to go train was tough sometimes.

    In comes Andy Baker.

    I hit him up for a custom designed program for ME. One that fit the life I was living, as a 40 year old married guy with 5 kids and a ton of time consuming commitments to my family, work, church, etc.

    Andy was great to work with, and quick to get back with me via the emails...he would reply almost anytime of the day when I had questions.

    In the last 4 and a half months or so, I have made some serious progress. I have blown well past all my old PR's in all my lifts, and get this, my body composition has changed dramatically.

    I went and did the podpod test when I first started, and I just did it again after the 4-5 months it has been. I have dropped a couple points in BF%, and here is the kicker:

    At age 40, even after I had made the "easy" mass gains on linear progression, I was able to add 10.2 pounds of lean body mass. This is not a guess, this is verified via the bodpod testing.

    My "look" has completely changed. It is odd to be referred to as "the big guy" every now and then.

    I had been stuck at a certain weight for a LONG time on the overhead press, and I had just assumed that I "sucked at it" and never thought I could increase it. My press is up 25 pounds, huge for me.

    I have increased the weight on the bar on schedule every single time, and I am showing no signs of slowing.

    My motivation to train is back, big time for a couple reasons:

    I am making progress.

    CONFIDENCE in the program. How much easier is it to want to train, if you KNOW the program you have will work, because it was designed by a pro for YOU and the life you live?

    If you are not making gains, and are tired of wasting time in the gym, Andy is 100% worth the investment.

    If you are like me, and you only have so much time to train, then making no progress is expensive.

    The cost of the program pays for itself easily in making progress again and no longer wasting precious time in the gym.

    If you are stuck, don't waste anymore time, figure out a way to make the finances work and get a program from Andy.

    I will also be hitting my first SSS in Houston in February. With it being at Andy's gym and Rip being there, I could not pass that up.

    Thanks Andy and Rip, I am yet another life that has been changed, and you better believe I tell everyone about this.


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    I've had the same experience with him in person.

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    What's the programming you used?


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