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Thread: SS is +1 in Ohio, Rip

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    You might like to know that you've got a new follower in the Buckeye State. A buddy of mine told me a few weeks back that he was ready to start doing what I do in the gym. No more P90X or "Body Beast" stuff. Last week I e-mailed him a few of your articles and this morning he started LP at 3 sets of 5 squats at 150.

    After we left the gym I sent him a text: "+5 next time brother. Gainz."

    Now I understand that you might read this and think "What the hell?" If this is the case, sorry for the time waster.

    Or you might think "Hey, cool. The people who learn stuff from me are spreading the word." In which case I say "Hey man, it's the least I can do."

    Thanks Rip.

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    Now encourage him to buy and read "The Book"

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