On the evening of 16 December 2014, I had the opportunity to work with Mr Sean Herbison SSC in Panama City, Florida. Sean did not ask me to write this post - hell Sean barely even asked me to pay him for his services - but he deserves a testimonial/review because, really, he is a very good barbell coach.

To begin, Sean went out of his way to accommodate me. A long way out of his way in fact - think 'picked me up and drove me to the gym' out of his way. I'm not saying he'll do this for you, but he did for me.

I wanted to have an SSC look at my squat and to teach me the 'Press 2.0'. I am not athletically gifted and Sean did both in under an hour and a half (including teaching me a very complex movement, in the Press, basically from scratch).

Within minutes of starting my warmup sets he had some very concise feedback for me on my squats. I am a better, and most importantly a more confident, squatter because of his input.

Sean taught me the Press in a manner which I understood and was able to implement on the spot. Without Sean's input, I doubt I would ever have learned to Press correctly; I have much to practice, but I now know what a correctly executed Press feels like.

I commend Mr Herbison to anyone who might be looking for a coach's input in the Florida panhandle. He's a very good coach, and also a stand-up guy if that sort of thing is important to you.