Hi everybody, I am a 56 yo SS novice. After struggling w/o coaching for a couple of months (you can find my various (bad) form checks in the Techniques forum), I finally took the advice to get a coach seriously.

Adam Skillin is in Bedminster NJ. I traveled almost 2 hours to get to him... and it was worth every minute of the drive.

He is clearly very qualified to do the coaching. There was not a moment where I found his knowledge lacking, and I am a real questioner. Also, he's a natural at understanding the needs of the individual, particularly a novice with injury issues, and a good listener. His passion for lifting is enough that I am sure he'll spend the time with you that you need.

I came to him with knee, back and shoulder pain, and after doing a full, corrected, workout with him, I went away pain free. Awesome.

Can't recommend him enough.

It's also a credit to the SS program that their credentialing is rigorous enough to produce a coach like Adam.