I am writing this to share with you my experience with Carl Raghavan Starting Strength coaching in London.

I travelled from Belgium to have a few hours with him. I am 38 years old and quite unfamiliar with the lifts so we stared from scratch.

There are a lot of things that I liked about the session. Here are a few:

1. Carl provided an balanced mixture of theory and practice. The focus was on practice with clear explanation and demo from him whenever necessary.

2. He was very attentive to details. We filmed with my mobile some of the sets and he pointed out precisely what/when I did well and when/what I needed to correct. Now, a few days after the session, I find it very useful reviewing the videos and hearing the verbal cues/corrections he was giving me when I did the exercises.

3. He showed a lot patience and creativity especially when helping me with the deadlift.

4. During the session he maintained a friendly yet very professional attitude with a strict demand for quality. For some of the lifts he made me do some movements over and over until I got it well.

5. After the session, he asked me to send him videos of my training so he can give me feedback when I train by myself.

I would like to thank him for the lesson.

If you are in Europe, I strongly recommend you travel to London, for a good Staring Strength Coaching and ... some ChicksOnFire ;).