Title says it all....

40y/old just started training. I felt I needed to do something and getting to read this site along with the numerous articles on strength training, felt it was the best way to go. As I got older and sedentary I realized things were harder to do and simple tasks were more difficult along with getting sore for days for no good reason. In my early-mid twenties I worked out with a few work buddies, but it was the typical isolation crap that you see people doing at the gym everyday. I needed to get stronger!! And the total body movement lifts made sense. So, I decided to join the gym by work. Very convenient as it doesn't take time away from my family in the evening.

I'm not here to state 'I'm doing starting strength!' because I'm not. I'm doing the basic lifts and doing what I can to increase caloric consumption but it's going to be a battle. Living with Crohn's and with one small bowel resection behind me, I know it will be a challenge to pack on weight and make progress. But I figure that as long as I'm doing something and making any progress, however small it may be, will benefit me and my family in the end.

Looking forward to being a part of this community.