I just completed a 12 week program custom-written for me by Andy. In short, it was money well spent and a big improvement on what I had interpreted from the SS books and Forum posts. I highly recommend it.

Andy wrote a program that was customized for my background, age, body type, equipment availability and schedule, in particular the occasional week-long interruption due to family or business travel.

My progress has been steady in light of the said interruptions, it has been injury-free, and my weight and body composition predictably tunable by using the levers in Andy's nutrition recommendations. Andy has been responsive via email with concise feedback.

The program was not intuitive (to me at least). It had less volume and more food and slower progress than I had originally forecast for myself. As it turned out, titrating to the right volume from below and the right food intake from above was the exact right thing to do, as was aiming for slow and steady rather than aggressive progress which for me had resulted in resets and niggling injuries.