Just wanted to reiterate my gratitude to Rip, Stef, and staff coaches Tom, Jordan, Matt, John and Francis. All my co-participants too, you are all wonderful and inspiring people and I'm honored to have met and trained with you.
This weekend was a fantastic experience, especially for someone like myself who has never really trained with others or been coached in this fashion. Every part was well executed and thought-provoking. I certainly wish the Q&A session could have gone for twice as long-- there was so much good information and advice coming out of the minds of the staff.

I'm aware that it's been said here plenty of times so I hope it isn't lost on folks that I feel it's important enough to say it once again: GO. If you're at all curious and serious about this stuff take the time and make it happen. You'll be surprised at how much more deeply you will think about and understand the things you have read in the books by attending the seminar, and how many things you will learn about your lifting that you didn't realize you didn't know.

I left the seminar newly inspired to apply what I learned to my own lifting and to helping others. A truly worthwhile experience!

Kurt Niznik
NorCal, USA