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Thread: Carl Raghavan testimonial

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    I had a really good session with Carl earlier this month. I've had back trouble for over a year now and Carl corrected my shit squat form within the first 5 mins. We also worked on DL & Press.
    I travelled >500 miles for this and will do so again as my back has been fine since that session.

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    Hi, this is my first forum post here. I am a Norwegian living in Sweden, interested in gaining strength. For some years I have been reading the Starting Strength books, articles, watching videos and forum posts and really tried as hard as I could doing the lifts and progress.

    However, seeing Carl Raghavan was a turning point. Going to London from Gothenburg just to train with Carl is defenitely value for money! I was so happy when I discovered that there actually existed a SS coach in my continent.

    The thing about Carl is that he immidiately recognizes your weak spots, and gives you simple and efficient cues. Typically I was also worrying about the wrong thing in my lifts. For instance I was too focused on shoving my knees out in the squat and "arching" my lower back, as I should rather focus on keeping everything tight, looking down and really do the hip drive.

    Similar corrections he did to all the five lifts, and we got through them all in a two hours session. Carl also gave me many more valuable tips concerning warm up, programming, belt use and difference between bars etc.

    I would warmly recommend Carl Raghavan to anybody who are interested in improving technique in their lifts, PT-training, online coaching, or just advice on strength development. He is really inspiring!

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    Yes I admit, he is a great guy!
    Had my second session with him here in Stockholm last week. The first one we had a year ago in London.
    Im not very coachable, still he managed to help me out on all my lifts with very good cues and tips. Indeed a great coach, both for me 65yo and my son 20yo.

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    My back was hurting on the days I did deadlift so something was not right. On top of that I was not sure about my power clean form. I had a session with Carl we went through all the 5 main lifts (including bench press, squats and overhead press) and I can feel that my lifts are more stable. Before I actually thought my squat form was correct but during the session I was surprised to learn that I had developed bad squat form habits. Carl was patient and willing to make sure I understood him which was important because I am hard of hearing. I highly recommend him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisd View Post
    Yes, I'd need to work out travel and accommodation, but I would be interested in training with our national coach.
    Anyone keen to pick this up in the January / Feb? Happy to get in touch with Carl and organise

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    Had a training session with Carl today and want to echo what others have said -- Carl's friendly, personable and an excellent coach, really explained the lifts clearly, pushed me, and an eye for all the little details that make the difference; we covered the squat, press and deadlift over the session and I feel I've improved already and taken away lots of things to work on.

    It was well worth the 400ish mile round-trip and I only wish I'd done it sooner - having someone coach you makes a massive difference over what you can get from books and videos and I'll definitely be going for more sessions; if you're in, or visiting the UK, I highly recommend seeing Carl if you can, it'll be worth it.

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    Had another excellent session. My press has dramatically improved and he taught me power cleans which would have been difficult to learn without a coach. Worth the money for the boost in technique.

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    I had a great session with Carl in London. He is a very good coach and provided a lot of practical cues to help me improve my form. The Starting Strength program has been really incredible for me. I've trained on my own in the gym for years and have never experienced such solid, measurable results. Rip has developed a global community of really fantastic coaches. Everyone I've trained with has been humble, knowledgeable, and clearly practices what he or she preaches. Carl is no exception to this and, if you're in London, you should be training with him.

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    I had my first session with Carl last week and I couldn't recommend his coaching more highly. He was great at explaining all the lifts, carefully assessing technique and making corrections to form.

    I have recently started training again after a shoulder injury and Carl approached the session with the perfect balance of explaing what we were doing and why, without letting me over think the movements or allowing fear to get in the way. I haven't benched or pressed overhead for ages, but I trained both lifts with Carl completely painlessly it was great to have such an experienced eye checking my form. We also trained Squat, Deadlifts and Power Cleans, and his cues were invaluable.

    If you are interested in a session, I would highly recommend it! The books are an amazing resource but the learning curve is accelerated massively with a great coach like Carl.

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    Just another plug for Carl, whom I've now seen for a few sessions since my first visit last August. Not only is he an excellent coach in the session, he's also super helpful and generous in responding to video form checks between sessions and in providing programming guidance.

    If you are in the UK and reading this, stop reading and GO SEE CARL. He will fix your messed up lifts.

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