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Thread: Carl Raghavan testimonial

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    A session with Carl showed me that, great as the Starting Strength book is, there's no substitute for having a knowledgeable trainer take you through the lifts! At my first session we fixed a number of form issues which I didn't realise I had. On top of his expertise, Carl is also a very effective coach -- explains the lifts clearly, gives you loads of helpful cues, gets you working hard, and to round it off is a thoroughly nice guy. Highly recommended.

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    I received coaching from Carl Raghavan in London on 6/3/17. He is an extremely thorough coach. Absolutely determined not to allow any deviations from good form. Carl is encouraging but absorbed fully in perfecting safe, correct lifting form. I commend him without reservation to anyone seeking guidance of this sort. Carl does not chatter but focuses wholly on improving the lifts. Following the session, he took a generous amount of time writing down in detail the cues that he insisted I should concentrate on. He will not relax until he is certain each one is properly understood. A great coach who takes enormous pains to get things right. He also spotted and correctly named a rare minor spinal abnormality that I've had since birth. He plainly understood this abnormality and gave plain advice about training safely to adapt.

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    I had a two-hour training session with Carl in London in November 2016. The session took place in Physical Culture Gymnasium in East Putney. A gym I immediately liked and would become
    a member, if I would live in London. Carl is a nice chap. He also seems to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Carl introduced to me to all lifts outlined in The Book and gave helpful
    advice to fix my specific problems. For example, as far as the squat is concerned, how I can improve my non-existent shoulder mobility, and what to do until it is fixed. While it was impossible
    to address all my issues in this short and since then only session, I became convinced that SS is the right thing for me. Should I have the opportunity to train with Carl in future, I would do

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    Totally agree with all the expressionss of appreciation and positive feedback for Carl.

    I'm a 58 female novice. I thought Starting Strength was very smart when I read the book but in one incredible three-hour session in London (Sept 28, 2016) Carl brought it all to life and made me full in love with strenght training. Im hooked.

    Unfortunately work/travel schedule means I cannot train with him regularly, still he checks in and is so genuinely interested in my personal experience and progress.

    Heart Carl. Love Carl. 10/10.

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    If you are in Europe and considering visiting a starting strength coach you owe it to yourself to see Carl. He's worth the trip. I flew in from Denmark just for this and he went above and beyond my expectations.

    He's polite but firm and incredibly knowledgeable. He easily spotted my weaknesses in my lifts and gave solid advice and cues.

    I'm planning on seeing him again once I acquire the funds, and so should you.

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    I trained with Carl as a complete newbie to lifting weights and learned a lot from him. I had only read the We trained 2x 2 hours and he was very patient with me and gave me honest feedback which I greatly appreciated. After a couple of sessions I felt I had just about enough knowledge to continue the SS training with a regular PT in my area. We covered the squat, bench press, dead lift, press (partially the snatch). I highly recommend the guy and if I will be visiting London again I definitely want to try to squeeze in a few more sessions with Carl.

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    I travelled from South Africa to train with Carl and I cannot say enough about how much I learned. Carl presents the breakdown of the lifts in such an eloquent way that things just click. If you are a foreigner Carl will take care of getting you fuelled for your next without with his excellent dinner recommendations.

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